Family Project about Women, Mothers, Daughters by Cathryn Griffith

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Family Journals about Women, Mothers, Daughters by Cathryn Griffith


Memorabilia Featured in Display Cases

The memorabilia is comprised of personal effects from each woman, as well as iconography representing her era in American history. Original diaries, old letters and newspaper clippings, campaign buttons, formal portraits including cartes de visite, snapshots, and early Polaroid photographs, among other interesting items, are available for display.

Memorabilia is grouped in five separate cases, installed in close proximity to the related prints. The contents and dates of items within each case are clearly indicated with signage.

Number of display cases: 5
Size of cases: 40” high x 3’ wide x 2’ deep


Margaret, my great-grandmother, kept journals over a sixty year period during which she recorded daily activities, commented on changes such as the coming of the automobile, and expressed deep feelings of love for her husband and lasting sorrow for the death of loved ones.

June 14, 1868  I wonder what my life work is to be. Twenty years old! Will be an old maid shortly.

Sunday Dec. 18, 1870  I like to write on Sunday, and it is my thinking day, too. Must think--cannot help it. I thought of Mr. Stone. Often wonder if thinking of another has any influence upon the one remembered. Hardly seems possible but then there is so much of mystery about our loves and affections.

Sunday, March 8, 1872  It is almost a year since I have written a line in my journal. I little thought that the next time I took up my pen I would be a married woman. Maggie Love will never write here again but I trust Maggie Stone will soon fill it full.
                                                  —from Margaret’s journals


family project about women, mothers, daughters, widows

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