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olives, Provencefarm cart, Provencehorses in Camarque,  Provencelavendar field, ProvenceLes Mees, Provencealmond trees,  Provencetrees,  Provencebull,  Provenceorchard, Provencelavendar bundles, Provence
monk, Tibetwoman on knees, Tibetrainbow landscape, Tibetmonastery door, Tibetwoman with hoe, Tibetwoman holding greens, Tibetmonk holding beads, Tibetwoman selling jewelry, Tibetman in modern dress, Tibetwoman on farm, Tibetmonk in robes, Tibet
man smoking, Shiraz, Iranwoman in bazaar, Uzbekistanbride, Xi'an, Chinabearded man , Kashgar, Chinawoman in bazaar, Uzbekistan man in bazaar, Kashgar, Chinalandscape, Kyrgyzstanmen baking, Kashgar bazaar, Chinefarmers, Kyrgyzstanman sweeping, Xi'an, Chinaboy near yurt, Northwest territory, Chinawomen in black, Esfahan, Iran